Sometimes the smallest of details can cause the most pain.

For a website, email campaign or any type of digital marketing vehicle, attention to detail can make the difference between making a sale, logging a lead or gaining a fan—or losing a client. In other words, when it comes to the digital presence of you business, everything matters. 

But is your designer up to date on the latest technology that may make that design or functionality infeasible to implement? Is the critical CTA button in your marketing email rendering in Gmail? Though everything may look & behave correctly in the latest version of Chrome or Outlook on your office computer, is it working in Firefox or the old version of Internet Explorer your client is (still) using? Is it legible on an Android mobile device? Did you even define the test set and requirements before starting the job in the first place?

And let’s not forget accessibility—is your coding friendly to people with disabilities? Or even people with huge hands and fingers who can’t tap that BUY NOW button because it’s too small on a mobile device?

Or maybe you hired someone to develop your site 3 years ago, but technology updates have rendered it virtually unusable or illegible on an iPhone today. Even if it still works on your computer, with mobile internet access now outstripping desktop access, is that enough?

The reality is that crushing deadlines and the accelerating pace of technology can be overwhelming. You need a solid plan to ensure someone’s minding the cross-environment usability, accessibility and functionality details.

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