Sometimes the smallest details can cause the most excruciating pain.

When it comes to your company’s digital presence, everything matters. For a website, email campaign, or really any type of digital communication, attention to detail can make the difference between making a sale, logging a lead, gaining a fan….or losing a client or customer.

Important questions!

You’ve got a designer, but are they aware of the latest tech that could render their design obsolete before it even gets deployed? Are the buttons in your marketing email rendering in Outlook? Though everything seems right in the latest version of Chrome on your office computer, is the new site working on that crusty browser version your client is still using? Is it legible on an Android device…in landscape view? Did anyone even define the requirements and test set before starting the job in the first place?

Maybe you hired someone to develop your site years ago, but time has rendered it virtually unusable on a mobile device today. With mobile outstripping desktop internet use, you might as well not even have a website. Worse yet, you could be damaging your brand.

And let’s not forget accessibility—is your code friendly to people with disabilities? Or even people with chubby fingers who can’t tap that BUY NOW button because it’s too tiny on their mobile phone?

The reality is that crushing deadlines and the accelerating pace of technology can be overwhelming. You need to be sure that someone is minding the cross-environment usability, accessibility and functionality details.

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